To raise funds, the Alcohol Education Committee (AEC) held a “pop and cake walk” on Feb. 22. With numbers taped in a circle on the floor, participants walked around to playing music. When the music stopped, a number was drawn.

The individual standing on the number was declared the winner and awarded either a cake or case of pop. The games were followed by a dance for children and adults.

Winners were able to choose from eight cakes during Clyde River’s AEC fundraising event on Feb. 22.
photo courtesy of Clara Noah

The committee successfully raised about $1900 from this event alone. Clara Noah, treasurer of AEC, explained the money will be spent towards an office space and supplies as well as a bingo license. She believes a bingo license will be a benefit for the community and provide additional funding for the AEC. The current goal is to raise $2000.

Another fundraising event will be held at the community hall on Mar 4.

This time the AEC will be selling coffee at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

“And during our fundraiser with the coffee we are hoping we can provide activities such as: board games and card games, so the people can sit chill and talk for a bit on their breaks,” said Noah.

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