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Around Nunavut: January is Tobacco Reduction Month

January is Tobacco Reduction Month


On Jan. 7 the Department of Health announced that January is Tobacco Reduction Month in a public service announcement.
Health in the announcement gave a number of recommendations for those who smoke tobacco, cannabis or vape:

The Department of Health announced Jan. 7 that January is Tobacco Reduction Month. National Non-Smoking Week is being held Jan. 17 to 23 across Canada. photo courtesy of Valter Botelho-Resendes/Hamlet of Cambridge Bay
  • Avoid sharing cigarettes, joints, pipes or vaporizers
  • Avoid smoking discarded cigarette or joint butts
  • Washing your hands often with soap
  • Avoid inhaling smoke deeply as this can increase the amount of toxins in the lungs
  • Avoid close contact with family and friends while smoking

The PSA also adds that one's health increases significantly in the days and weeks after when someone quits smoking.

This week from Jan. 17 to 23 is also National Non-Smoking Week in Canada.

Support to help quit smoking is available on the Tobacco Has No Place Here Facebook page where you can message for a counsellor, they also have a 24-hour phone-line at 1-866-368-7848.

Free shipping on fisheries products wherever Canadian North flies


Pangnirtung Fisheries Ltd. is offering free shipping on its products wherever Canadian North flies. These products include Arctic char and turbot, as well as cured products like pitti.

Once the fish is purchased and sent off, a Canadian North waybill is sent and a tracking number is provided, which can be used to track the package on the Canadian North website. They note once it's sent off with Canadian North, the products are considered under their responsibility.

Pangnirtung Fisheries is a community-owned and operated corporation run by the Inuit of Pangnirtung according to their website.

Seminar for Indigenous Youth leaders to take place later this month


The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat will be hosting the James J. McCarthy Leadership Seminar for Arctic Indigenous Youth Leaders later on this month from Jan. 25 to 29, 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day. It will be taking place online and it will be covering a wide range of topics from Indigenous knowledge, leading through crisis, building resistance during rapid change and other subjects.

The course is organized by The Arctic Initiative, the Association of World Reindeer Herders, the International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry and the UArctic EALAT Institute. To register you can find the form online at the Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat Facebook page.

Inuit Language Awards searching for nominees


Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit (IUT) is looking for nominees for the 2021 Inuit Language Awards.

If you know anyone who demonstrated their dedication to protecting and promoting Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun, they qualify to be nominated.

The winners will be announced in Feb. during Inuktut Language Month and the winners will receive an award from the president of IUT. Nominations close on Jan. 22, at 5 p.m.

To nominate someone or for more information check out the IUT website or email them at, they can also be contacted over the phone at either 1-855-232-1852 or 1-867-975-5539.

Kanayuk Fishing Derby winners announced


On Jan. 9 the winners of the Kanayuk Fishing Derby were announced along with the prizes the winners earned, they are as follows:

  • First place: Sheila Nowdlak, $1500
  • Second place: Debbie Dialla, $1000
  • Third place: Anne Attagoyuk, $500

Kids category:

  • First place: Jon Tassugat, 36 cm, $300
  • Second place: Jenna Nowyuk, 31 cm, $200
  • Third place: Laura Nuvaqiq, 23.6 cm, $100

Aqqigiit category:

  • First place: Luke Kunilusie, 51 cm, $750
  • Second place: Jupee Akulukjuk, 37 cm, $500
  • Third place: Joseph Dialla, 36 cm, $250

Okaliit hunting category:

Five hunters caught one each and the prize was split between each of the hunters, the following will take home $300 each:

  • Jusipi Qiyutaaq
  • Alex Kilabuk
  • Scott Arnakaq
  • Norman Etuangat
  • Tommy Etuangat