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Celebrating the return of the sun with a pie baking contest

To celebrate the return of the sun, Parks Canada held a sun-themed pie baking contest on Feb. 1 in Pond Inlet.

Around 6 p.m., 12 bakers from the community showed up with their creatively decorated pies. The pies were judged on their artistic expressions of the sun-theme, baking quality and taste.

There were 12 sun-themed pies from Pond Inlet bakers this year. Photo courtesy of Carey Elverum

There were apple, lemon, blueberry and meat pies, explained Carey Elverum, the park manager at Sirmilik National Park.

To encourage locals to participate in the pie baking contest, Parks Canada purchased pie making kits that included the basic pie ingredients.

Agnowyak Kilukishak’s apple pie won first place, followed by Anna Koonoo’s orange creamsicle pie. Kilukishak was awarded a cook set and blueberry picking trip. To keep with the sun theme Koonoo received a bottle of Sunlight dish soap, in addition to camping gear.

Third place was given to Susan Quaraq for her apple pie, who walked away with a pie baking kit.

“I can’t imagine there is a farther north pie baking contest in the world,” joked Elverum.

The sun-themed pie baking contest winners, from left, Susan Quaraq (3rd place), Anna Koonoo (2nd place) and Agnowyak Kilukishak (1st place). Photo courtesy of Natalie D’Souza.