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Pangnirtung determined to send minor hockey team to tournament

Pangnirtung community members are set on sending their minor hockey team to the Toonik Tyme tournament in Iqaluit. In less than two months, the goal is raise $40,000 in order to cover the flight costs of 80 kids.

The minor hockey team wins the bronze medal at the Toonik Tyme tournament in 2018. photo courtesy of Sheena Machmer

According to Sheena Machmer, a mom, in previous years kids have been able to attend the tournament. However, this year without the Minor Association Committee and a local recreational coordinator, it falls on the shoulders of parents to raise the funds.

The community has no plans of giving up despite the time restraints, said Machmer, adding they have just started.

From donations and a "Looney Toonie" event (involving raffles) about $1800 has been raised.

A "Jail and Bail" event (mock arrest for $5 and bail for $10), followed by another "Looney Toonie" event are planned.

Machmer has also reached out to Canadian North for donations and discounted fares.

She expressed, the hockey tournament is an opportunity for kids to show-off their skills and compete with other community teams. According to her, it also creates a sense of belonging, pride and self-esteem for the kids.