“Generally, there’s really no sense of panic that you can see in the community,” says John Mabberi-Mudonyi, Kimmirut’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). photo by Karah Kushnir

Kimmirut is adhering to the advice of the Department of Health by practicing social distancing and self-isolation.

The community is being well informed of all official updates from the government, said John Mabberi-Mudonyi, Kimmirut’s chief administrative officer (CAO). Residents are listening to the radio for news. People are practicing self-isolation and social distancing.

According to the CAO, stores are allowing a maximum of 10 people to enter at a time. Presently, there is no shortage of supplies or food in the community. Cargo deliveries are still being made.

The schools and all recreational facilities remain closed. GN employees are working from home. The hamlet office remains open with about five employees, who are practicing social distancing. Any staff member who has a cold is staying home to self-isolate.

“There is no evidence that people are not doing what is requested,” expressed Mabberi-Mudonyi, referring to self-isolation and social distancing.

He encourages community members to follow the “simple” rules of washing their hands and practicing social distancing.

“Generally, there’s really no sense of panic that you can see in the community,” he said.

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