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COMMUNITY REPORT: Kinngait endures social distancing

Everybody seems to be following self-isolation rules in the community of Kinngait, according to Mayor Timoon Toonoo.

"There was a bit of confusion, the self-isolation rule coming in from southern Canada started on March 15," he said.

NoahAdamie Aliqu photo courtesy of Nipisha Peter
Kinngait mayor Timoon Toonoo says community members seem to be following self-isolation rules, and is assured both retail stores have good stock.

"With the isolation orders outside of Canada starting way ahead of the Canadian isolation orders, some were confused about this."

Toonoo was assured both retail stores, Northern store and Co-op both have good stock, there was also confusion on the rationing of toilet paper, hand sanitation and disinfecting goods.

"Northern Store limited how much you can buy, but the Co-op didn't put a limit on how much you could buy."

Despite this he said produce and dairy and food staples are in very good stock.
"The local Hunter and Trappers Organization is going to start buying food from local hunters once funds become available and this will depend on availability of country food," Toonoo said.

The Community Wellness Committee is also buying food hampers for single parents who have children as well as Elders, possibly each household as well depending on the availability of funds.

With people generally following social distancing protocol, the mayor has not taken note of any issues around the community.

"I am not aware of any gambling issues in households, should this be an issue the council will discuss this," he said.

"Alcohol Council will also consider asking the minister to stop sending in shipments of alcohol for the next two weeks."