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COMMUNITY REPORT: Taloyoak Elder discusses situation in community

Bob Lyall, a respected community member of Taloyoak, is sharing his thoughts on how the community of Taloyoak is handling self-isolation.

"The town is actually very quiet, most seem to be following isolation rules except for a few who get together for gambling purposes," he said.

"It's been super cold and that has been a big help in keeping people indoors."

Bob Lyall, a respected community member of Taloyoak shared his thoughts on how the community of Taloyoak is handling self isolation.
photo courtesy of Bob Lyall

Most people have been staying indoors, but hunters have been going out to get country food and share with the community in addition to an HTO program for food, Lyall said.

"The Wellness Centre has been providing breakfast hampers and a bottle of javex for each household. Both Northern Store and the Co-op are stocked, except for hand sanitizers and Lysol Wipes, but freighters are still arriving keeping food on the shelves."

People have also been helping their Elders, volunteering to get ice for Elders for their tea as they prefer fresh ice over tap water. In conjunction with Gjoa Haven, they Anglican Church held a service on the local radio station on Sunday and should be holding services every Sunday.

"We are happy to say that three students who were studying in Iqaluit have been flown home, my daughter Cathy who is studying in Psychology at the Carlton University in Ottawa has chosen to remain in Ottawa," Lyall said.

"My son Mark and his girlfriend are in Yellowknife awaiting the birth of their child and will have to self isolate as well before coming home."