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Dog experts train residents of Iqaluit

Three dog experts are helping to educate the Iqaluit community about dog training and grooming as well as providing first aid training for pets. Since Feb. 25, Ken Reid and Jeanette Kinney have been busy teaching the Nunavut's Animal Shelter (NAS) staff about these techniques. Samantha Hum has been teaching the Walks'n'Wags curriculum of pet first aid.

Samantha Hum teaches students at École des Trois-Soleils about pet safety.
photo courtesy of Janelle Grace

"I'm certifying people to be first responders for animals.

"This doesn't replace veterinary medicine, but it does help the animals be more comfortable until they reach the vet," she explained.

The course covers issues related to bleeding wounds, broken bones, artificial respiration, choking and CPR. She has also been visiting local schools to teach about safety around injured animals.

"The Humane Society is working hard to provide the proper education to the community as a whole to be able to move forward in animal welfare, said Hum referring, to NAS.
The trainers will be in town until the end of the month.