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Funding in Clyde River allows for seal meat for community

Two hunters will be on a mission to catch seal for community members starting March 1.

After receiving funding for its first country food distribution program, the Kangiqtugaapik Food Bank committee has hired hunters Tommylee Kalluk and Ken Qillaq to hunt for the community.

The Kangiqtugaapik Food Bank committee receive their first funding for a country food distrubtion program. Rose Palluq, on the right, sits with Jonibeth Kalluk. Billy palluq, Vera Kalluk, Loreena Panipak and Naomie Illauq. Photo courtesy of Jonibeth Kalluk

Each hunter will be accompanied by either Leroy Kautuq or Inookie Noah to be their Ski-doo driver.

The program, which was approved by the Department of Economic Development and Transportation, will cover the wages of all four individuals and provide hunters with any necessary hunting equipment and food.

According to committee member Jonibeth Kalluk, "everyone seems to ask for seal meat."
Thus, hunting for seal is "most appropriate" for the people of Clyde River, she said.
The meat will be distributed to anyone free of charge.

The seal skin will be used to make mitts, explained Kalluk, adding the mitts will be sold to make money for purchasing food.