The community of Grise Fiord remains stocked with food and “plenty” of country food amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Food supplies are still coming in on a regular basis to the local co-op.

Yesterday, members of the community were distributing food to those in need as a response to Covid-19, said Grise Fiord’s senior administrative officer (SAO). Last week, the hunters hunted fish and muskox for the whole community.

HTO secretary treasurer Marty Kuluguqtuq says there is plenty of country food in town and several local hunters have been hired to hunt seal and fish for the community. NNSL file photo

SAO Marjorie Dobson said, the plan is continue implementing the programs that distribute commercial and country food to the community.

Several local hunters have been hired to hunt seal and fish for the community. The hunted food is available to all but the priority is given to: income support individuals, people with no transportation to hunt, elders and single parents, explained Marty Kuluguqtuq, HTO secretary treasurer of Grise Fiord.

Kuluguqtug said, there is “plenty” of country food in town. In fact, there are plans to send some muskox meat to Arctic Bay.

According to Dobson, she has not observed any signs of panic publicly over Covid-19 within the small community of less than 200 people.

The community continues to observe the measures that are being recommended by the Department of Health. Cleaning supplies have been distributed to community members. “We’re encouraging people to wash often and clean as much as possible, said the SAO.

Information about Covid-19 from the Department of Health is being disseminated through the radio daily, assured Dobson.

With the local church being closed due to social distancing protocols, the radio has also become a handy tool for the church preacher.

All non-essential services are closed in Grise Fiord. This means that school and all recreational places are closed. The hamlet is closed to the public, but remains open to provide essential services like: water delivery, sewage collection and road repairs.

In light of what is happening with Covid-19, the hamlet plans to provide both water and sewage services over this long weekend. “We have been providing these services on an extended scale,” explained Dobson.

The usual Easter activities are cancelled. Instead the plan is to deliver some bagged Easter goodies to kids at their homes.

“It’s difficult for the kids to remain indoors, but they are staying indoors. Everybody is trying to maintain their social distancing,” she said.

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