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Honouring Joe Enook with dance competition

A community dance competition was held in honour of Joe Enook. The avid supporter of Inuit dance and dance competitions died last March.

Three couples won prizes during the dance competition. Seemee Papatsie and Ann Dialla on the left won $200. Johnny Kuluguqtuq and Alice Harper in the middle won $300. Chitee Kilabuk and Raygelee Keenainak on the right won $500. photo courtesy of Joanna Kilabuk-Evic

"He loved organizing Inuit dancing especially in his home town in Pond Inlet where he organized competitions for children to keep promoting Inuit dance," wrote his step-daughter Joanna Kilabuk-Evic.

The dance competition was held for couples 13 years of age or older. It took place from 8 p.m. to midnight on Jan. 4.

At the community hall, 17 couples danced away for hours to win cash prizes. Four judges, including Enook's wife Mary Kilabuk, eventually selected three couples as winners.
First prize and $500 was given to Chitee Kilabuk and Raygelee Keenainak, followed by Johnny Kuluguqtuq and Alice Harper who won $300. In third place, Seemee Papatsie and Ann Dialla took home $200.

In between the elimination rounds, the community members danced and played games together.

"The atmosphere was great, no serious competition, just open and fun for all," expressed Kilabuk-Evic.

"The best part was seeing the people having fun."