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MV Sivulliq heading out on sea trials

The Baffin Fisheries motor vessel (MV) Sivulliq is seen here on Feb. 26 heading out for sea trials in St. Johns, Newfoundland with Irving shipbuilding facility fuel storage tanks in the background.

The MV Sivulliq heads out to test the installation of a new fuel pump system. photo courtesy of Baffin Fisheries

The ship is undergoing maintenance and is currently testing out the installation of a new fuel pump system.

On March 2, Baffin Fisheries announced the election of four new Board representatives by Hunter and Trapper Association (HTA) shareholders in Iqaluit, Pond Inlet, Pangnirtung and Clyde River.

Following the 2020-21 round of HTA annual general meetings, the following were elected to represent their communities to the Baffin Fisheries Board of Directors:

  • Enookie Inuarak - Mittimatalik HTA
  • Adamee Itorcheak - Amaruq HTA
  • Sandy Kautuq - Nangmautaq HTA
  • Patrick Kilabuk - Pangnirtung HTA

All four new board members are to be sworn in at the next meeting of the Baffin Fisheries Board of Directors, scheduled for March 30 in Pangnirtung, alongside returning board members.

Originally built in Norway in 2001, the MV Sivulliq was acquired by Baffin Fisheries in 2015 and has accommodations for up to 28 to 30 crewmembers. The ship can hold up to 660 metric tons of turbot or 440 metric tons of shrimp.