Anne-Cecile Grunewald tagged along to see the orcas swimming in Pangnirtung Fiord. photo courtesy of Melinda Akulukjuk

Orcas have been sighted at Pangnirtung Fiord since the evening of August 7, according to Pangnirtung resident Melinda Akulukjuk. “They were following a bowhead when we first went to see them,” said Akulukjuk.

Normally, orcas can be found around Cumberland Sound but not inside the Pangnirtung Fiord, she said. “Last time they were inside Pang Fiord was years ago,” explained Akulukjuk.

She guesses there were about 20 of the whales in the fiord.

In the distance is the boat Melinda Akulukjuk took to see the orcas in Pangnirtung Fiord. Sal Kanayuk photo

Although the orcas could be seen from Pangnirtung, Akulukjuk ventured out twice to get a closer look. “I have seen some before while boating but not that close,” she said, adding,“It was a bit scary to get too close.

“Growing up we were told to never get close because they can attack if they feel threatened and they can tip over a boat.”

According to Akulukjuk, the orcas remained in the fiord for a few days.

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