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Pangnirtung’s new mayor sworn in

The community of Pangnirtung held a swearing in ceremony for their new mayor Hezakiah Oshutapik and hamlet council members. Constable Robby Burke conducted the ceremony on behalf of the hamlet on Oct. 29.

The former mayor Stevie Komoartuk was present at the ceremony. He addressed the importance of the event and his confidence in the new council.

Komoartuk believes the legacy of the last council will be continued.

During the ceremony, Taukie Qappik, from the Innamariit elder's society, and Aimo Akulukjuk, an active community member, both lit a traditional seal oil lamp or qulliq.

The lighting of the qulliqs were performed to show respect to the new leaders of Pangnirtung.

Oshutapik also held office as an MLA for Pangnirtung from 2011 to 2013 after being voted in during a by-election.

The new hamlet council consists of Keelly Karpik, Billy Etooangat, Sheila Kilabuk, Delia Young, Jaco Ishulutak, Julia Tautuajuk, David Kooneeliusie and Umar Kukkadi.