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Pond Inlet firefighters create an outdoor rink for kids

Firefighters in Pond Inlet responded to a different kind of scene on March 21, not putting out a fire but creating an outdoor rink for the kids. With the local arena being closed, kids are using the rink to remain active.

A firefighter helps to create a rink in Pond Inlet on March 21. photo courtesy of Shelly Elverum

Although there have been mixed feelings about creating the rink due to fears of COVID-19, Shelly Elverum, a mom, believes the hamlet has made the right decision.

The value of kids getting exercise and being mentally well is a "big bonus during this time of uncertainty in the world", she explained.

"As easy as it is to judge and say everyone should be staying home. I think there needs to be some accommodations made for children, who may be living in crowded housing," said Elverum.

The fact parents can monitor the whereabouts of their children in this one location is another bonus, she explained.

According to the mom, about 20 kids can be seen playing on the rink during mid-afternoon.