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Quentin Sala awarded for youth leadership in Sanikiluaq

Quentin Sala, 20, is "honoured" to receive a youth leadership award for his work in sports and recreation in Sanikiluaq.

He is the recipient for the 2019 One Ocean Expedition Youth Leader of the Year award.

Quentin Sala, 20, is the winner of the 2019 One Ocean Expedition Youth Leader of the Year award. Photo courtesy of Louisa Qavvik.

Although Sala was unable to attend due to weather issues, the honour was given at the Recreation and Sports Award Gala held at Frobisher Inn in Iqaluit on Oct. 26.

He was described as someone who commands the respect and attention of the Sanikiluaq community.

About two years ago, Sala was given an opportunity to run a five day sports camp for with Inuit games. This spring break gig led him to a full-time position as the acting recreation coordinator.

Since then, Sala's dedication towards Inuit games and youth recreation in Sanikiluaq have fostered a more active community.

When asked how he felt about receiving the award, Sala replied, “I feel honoured.”

He believes he must be doing his job well since he has won this award, but also believes in the success of his youth.

“In my opinion, the youth are the future of the community," Sala said. "They will do great when competing in tournaments.”

Besides his mentoring ability, he was praised for his innovative approach to programming and the sensitivity to include aspects of Sanikiluaq heritage in every event he organized.

The youth leader has his recreational programming goals set for next year.

“I am hoping to create a lacrosse program by January or February 2020 for the youth in my community,” Sala said.