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A materially significant donation in Cambridge Bay

Sewers and craftspeople in Cambridge Bay flocked to Kiilinik High School on June 4 to scoop up a portion of 10,000 metres of fabric donated to the community by Canada Goose. The company states that it has given away more than two million metres of fabric in Northern communities over the past decade.

Sandra Eyegotok grins as she makes her way along a table full of cotton fabric in the foyer of Kiilinik High School. Namara Reps/Canada Goose photo
Young mother Matok Evetalegak is happy to get pink Arctic tech material for her daughters' parkas. Matok makes the most beautiful atigi for her children. Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo
The smiles of Amy Kamoayok and Bessie Omilgoetok indicate how much they enjoyed the Canada Goose fabric giveaway event, which was co-sponsored by First Air. Namara Reps/Canada Goose photo
From left, Rosie, Colleen and Monica Egotak were among those to take home a share of 10,000 metres of fabric donated by Canada Goose. Namara Reps/Canada Goose photo
Delighted mom and grandmother Doris Angohiatok is overjoyed with her gift of material during the Canada Goose donations to Cambridge Bay on June 4. Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo
An excited rush of residents pick out Arctic tech material donated by Canada Goose on June 4. Navalik Tologanak/NNSL photo