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Artist Sam Tutanuak starts work on second album

Veteran Kivalliq performers Sam Tutanuak and Rosalie Pissuk of Rankin Inlet performed on an edition of Alianait’s Social… but Distant online concert series this past Friday, May 8.

Veteran Kivalliq performer Sam Tutanuak, who joined Rosalie Pissuk of Rankin Inlet on an episode of Alianait’s Social… but Distant online concert series on Friday, has announced he has begun writing material for his second studio album.
photo courtesy Sam Tutanuak

Tutanuak said Alianait’s online concert series is a cool idea.

He said he was first approached by Alianait about his performance a little more than three weeks ago.

“I was actually happy and quite surprised when they asked me to do it,” said Tutanuak.

“The way I understood it was to prepare a 20-to-25-minute video of me performing my songs and get it off to them and, technology being what it is today, I decided to give it a shot.

“I recorded the session on April 22 at my place in Iqaluit just using my phone and, after viewing it, I thought it actually turned out quite well.

“I was happy with it and, I would assume, the Alianait group must have been too because they didn’t ask me to re-record anything, so now we’ll find out what the people thought of it.”

Tutanuak, 53, said he’s happy to see Alianait doing the online concert series to help keep Nunavut artists viable during the Covid-19 situation.

He said being seen in one performance can often lead to other opportunities in the music industry.

“I’m still not totally clear on how the artists get paid for having people view it, but this is another good thing about the technology available today.

“One area people sometimes forget about is that it also helps physically-challenged people who, maybe, can’t get out to see a concert when they want to.

“With this, they can click onto a website, pay the 20 bucks or whatever and sit and watch their favourite artists. I mean the downside might be you’re not with thousands of others at the concert, but at least you’re getting to see one of your favourite artists perform.”

Tutanuak reached number one on the Aboriginal Music Countdown in 2010 with the Three Musicians, a song from his original album.

He said he has just recently begun writing material for his second album, which he hopes to record sometime in the near future.

“Being alone in an Iqaluit apartment had me start working on songs again and I’ve actually just finished the first one, with another 10 to 15 to go to have enough material for an album.

“When I was at the Alianait Music Festival this past summer I got the attention of Culture and Heritage and they’re keen on sending me to do another album.

“I also caught the ear of the Inuit Arts Society and they’re willing to do some funding on an album, as well, so now it’s a matter of me sitting down, picking up the guitar and doing some music writing.

“Hopefully, that will go well and it will all come together fairly quickly.”