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Family's talents on display at Gjoa Haven fashion show

A mother and daughter were among the big winners at the Umiyaqtutt Festival fashion show on Sept. 1.

Zuri Apiana models the winning outfit in the traditional clothing category at the Umiyaqtutt Festival Fashion Show. JoanMargaret Laine photo

Mollie Apiana earned the $1,000 top prize in the traditional clothing category. Her daughter Zuri modelled the beautiful fur-lined garment during the popular event.

Meanwhile Mollie's daughter Claudia Apiana was awarded $1,000 for the best entry in the modern clothing division.

My mom's real mother was a great sewer, Bessie Nahalolik, so I guess it kinda runs in the family,” Claudia said. “I am very proud to be part of my family.”

In the traditional tools category, Martha Puyataq prevailed by submitting a hukpivik, which is a fire starter.

Claudia Apiana was the winner of the modern clothing category at the Umiyaqtutt Festival Fashion Show in Gjoa Haven on Sept. 1. JoanMargaret Laine photo

Second place finishers took home $750 apiece. They were Susie Konana for traditional clothing, Wendy Poodlat for modern clothing and Jimmy Qirqqut for traditional tools.

Third place amounted to $500. Margaret Keknek (traditional clothing), Flora Arqviq (modern clothing) and Alvin Palongayak (traditional tools) came in third.

This marked the third year of the Umiyaqtutt Festival, a week-long community celebration in recognition of Inuit's role in finding the Franklin ships Erebus and Terror, and to welcome cruise ship tourists to Gjoa Haven.


Susie Konana and Simon Hiqiniq donned traditional garments at the fashion show on Sept. 1 during Gjoa Haven's third annual Umiyaqtutt Festival.
JoanMargaret Laine photo
Martha Poodlat models the second-prize entry in the modern clothing category. The outfit was designed by Wendy Poodlat.
JoanMargaret Laine photo