Whale Cove RCMP and the Northern Canada Mini Projects group teamed up this holiday season to bring a bounty of gifts to students in Whale Cove.

“The Kids were thrilled and spent the day with big smiles,” said Miranda Charles, who helped husband Cpl. James Charles facilitate the gifts.

The southern group of gift givers, who co-ordinate through the Northern Canada Mini Projects page on Facebook, sent up an array of gifts, and the RCMP supplemented them. Each child in Inuglak School got a surprise envelope and got to pick two gifts from the table.

The RCMP’s work wasn’t done there, as they were due to hand out Christmas hampers later in the week, as well as Co-op gift cards.

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  1. Temporary cops in the north get awesome houses made recently while permanent inuit live in crap apartments made in 70s or 80s?
    Cops in the north should be made to stay in apartments for their temporary stay and give the cop houses to deserving inuit .

    1. They only come here because they are forced for work and you never see them become friends with any of the inuit locals. It’s always other white cops or white people in their pay range they hang with.

  2. Way to go…. what awesome idea….. keep on giving….Thats wonderful way to give back to community…

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