Cambridge Bay’s Tanya Tagaq is preparing to deliver a new album titled ‘Tongues,’ and the lead single by the same name was released Tuesday.

The full album is due to drop on March 11.

“Tongues is Tagaq at her most explicit and specific. Delicate, poetic passages from Split Tooth, Tagaq’s bestselling, award winning mythobiography, crash against an industrial, electronic exoskeleton,” states a news release from Six Shooter Records, describing Tagaq as an experimental, improvisational, exceptional artist. “Tanya Tagaq’s new album is a manual for inner and outer revolution. It is the soundtrack of righteous taking-back of personhood and power. It is a triumph of strength and intelligence that invites the listener to join her in a personal victory over colonization, over those who take without consent. Tongues is a journey into a psychic place of healing, rebirth and artistic Power with a capital “P” that will shake the world. You can count on Tanya Tagaq to do that.”

Saul Williams is the album’s producer while Gonjasufi did the mixing.

Watch the video for Tongues here:

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