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Video: Terry Uyarak releases first single 'Inuit Nunangat'

Iglulik's Terry Uyarak has released the first recording and video from his forthcoming album.


The premiere track, Inuit Nunangat, will be featured on his album Nunarjua Isulinginniani, which will be released later this year by Nunavut record label Aakuluk Music.

Uyarak is a self-taught singer, songwriter and musician, who's also a father, husband and hunter.

He says he decided to write Inuit Nunangat in 2012 "because I always wanted to write about our ancestors, who were absolutely my heroes. In ways I could not explain, I was starting to understand how powerful nature can become – in beauty and extreme. For many, many generations, our knowledge kept evolving and still today we still know much about how beautiful our culture and language is. So, for me, having much pride in our people is in the words of the song.”

The accompanying video showcases a number of themes heard throughout the album, including lineage, a natural landscape and life up North, Aakuluk Music stated.

"The land is a source of our being. The land has always been our trouble and our freedom. The land has been my ancestors stories and has become my story," says Uyarak.