WINNER: Sarah Takolik

Sharon Okalik
Whale Cove
Headshot of the artist: My name is Sharon Okalik from Whale Cove. I also sew parkas, amauti and hand sew mitts.












Made this wolf parka few years ago. My husband said it’s very light and warm compared to wearing a material parka. I used about four wolf skins to make the parka.









I made this for my niece. This is now the style that we make a lot.














Also leather mitts. Good for in town and during spring/fall time when it’s not too cold.







Emily Joanasie
Emily Joanasie selling at the annual Inukshuk High School Christmas craft sale in December 2017.




Luii Qaapik
A summer amauti for mom and baby being modelled by a friend.









Sealskin parka, all hand-sewn.

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