WINNER: Jeanie Nakashuk

The artist in a beaded amauti.














Several pairs of kamiks, all made by the artist.

Karen Ivalu
A garment the artist made.













Mary Angidlik
Rankin Inlet
“My grandkids each sewed a pair of mittens for themselves in school and are good seamstresses, my granddaughter in this post asked for furs to sew on the mittens.”




Bessie Beasely
Cambridge Bay

Two little ones in beautiful matching parkas.













The artist with an adult-sized coat.














Lynn Emiktowt
“Nuatii Ishalook modelling the coat, I Lynn Emiktowt, softened and stretched the skins for, while his mom Maggie Manik sewed it – I helped a little with sewing.”











Alexandra Klengenberg
Four-year-old Kyla Anablak fishing on 4 Mile Bay. Her parka was made last spring with wolf fur as a sunburst to keep warm on cold winter days.

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