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Canadian North reveals new details about changes to fares and cargo rates

Correction: Canadian North will adjust its fuel surcharges based on the terms of its contract with the Government of Nunavut. 

Canadian North's new economy fares will be priced lower than its current lowest available fares, but won't be available on every flight. Those economy seats will generally be available on less busy flights and travel dates.

Canadian North's new pricing structure will take effect after Jan. 1.
photo courtesy of Canadian North

That was among the information that the airline released on Thursday morning in regards to price changes that will take effect after Jan. 1 as Canadian north's medical and duty travel contract with the Government of Nunavut takes effect.

Corporate clients will be eligible to use economy fares. However, Canadian North will be raising its last-minute bookings and last-seat bookings by five per cent for the Iqaluit-Ottawa route and by two per cent for all other Nunavut markets.

Canadian North says it will introduce a corporate discount structure that provides a new discount from its new publicly-available pricing during the first half of 2020. Discounts provided will be based on travel volumes and will be reviewed regularly, the airline stated.

Economy fares will be offered in addition to Canadian North’s existing Saver, Flex and Super-Flex fares, which come with features such as extra checked baggage, reduced or complimentary change fees, refundability and the ability to earn additional Aurora Rewards points and Aeroplan Miles.

These various fares will be restructured to provide an overall average lower price, according to the airline.

Periodic seat sales will still occur and beneficiary fares will continue, Canadian North stated.

Cargo pricing will climb by an "inflationary rate" in early 2020 until a new volume-based corporate cargo program is put in place later in the year.

Priority cargo rates will be priced 30 per cent higher than the general cargo rate.

Tracking changes in fuel surcharges will become more challenging for customers as that line item will be bundled into the overall price rather than shown separately. Canadian North will review fuel surcharges on a quarterly basis and adjust them in accordance with its contract signed with the Government of Nunavut.