Arctic Co-operatives and Chrono Aviation Group are teaming up to put the first 737-800 SF cargo plane operating in Canada into service in Nunavut.

The aircraft, which can carry 23,500 kg, will be based in Winnipeg with plans for it to begin bringing freight into the territory in early 2022.

The companies are also billing the plane as more environmentally-friendly as it has a range of 3,700 km and reportedly will generate 20 per cent less emissions per tonne compared to previous generations of cargo planes.

“The Boeing 737-800 SF perfectly balances payload size with economical operating costs to minimize cargo costs while increasing the frequency of deliveries,” said Arctic Co-ops CEO Rod Wilson. “It makes a substantial advance towards the ultimate goal of controlling the cost and improving the quality of perishable foods and others goods.”

The plane will also be available for contract charter work.

Arctic Co-operatives comprises 32 member-controlled stores in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. It is a co-owner of the Chrono Group, which has a fleet of 15 aircraft based in Quebec City and Saint Hubert, Que.

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  1. I hope the northern/ northmart or the bay or whatever they are called will not be using this at all?

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