Nunasi Corporation announced Thursday that it has sold its ownership interest in Malca-Amit (NWT) Ltd. to Malca-Amit North America, Inc.

Malca-Amit (NWT) Ltd., located in Yellowknife, provides local armoured car courier services and international shipping services, primarily for products from select diamond mines.

Nunasi Corporation owned 51 per cent of Malca-Amit (NWT) Ltd. in partnership with Malca-Amit North America Inc.

“Nunasi Corporation has developed a new strategic plan with new areas of focus, which no longer includes secure logistics services. It made sense to offer Nunasi’s ownership interest to our partner Malca-Amit North America Inc.,” said Clint Davis, president and CEO of Nunasi Corporation.

Aprille Wiggins, director of Malca-Amit North America Inc., said, “We have had a great working relationship with Nunasi Corporation for several years. We are happy with the purchase of Nunasi Corporation’s shares and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.”

This move follows a September sale of Nunasi Financial Services.

Iqaluit-headquartered Nunasi Corporation is a 100 per cent Inuit-owned development corporation with businesses in areas such as health services, federal procurement, infrastructure and energy.

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