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Turaarvik Inns North gets total makeover in Rankin Inlet

Turaarvik Inns North is undergoing a massive overhaul in Rankin Inlet this month.

The hotel and restaurant shutdown on Aug. 8 and is expected to be closed for about another week as the renovations take place.

Kissarvik Co-op grocery manager Glen Woodford gets an update on the status of new furniture being shipped to the store's restaurant and hotel rooms in Rankin Inlet on Aug. 10. Darrell Greer/NNSL photos

Acting Kissarvik Co-op manager Glen Woodford said the restaurant is being repainted, and is receiving new flooring and all new furniture.

He said the equipment is also being removed from the kitchen and receiving a through cleaning.

"Basically, it's a total facelift for the dining room which will have a whole new look when work is completed," said Woodford.

"It's going to look brand new when the work is done.

"The idea is to up our image and give our members something to be excited about."

Woodford said the Co-op has operated the kitchen since Nov. 1, 2004.

He said it has served the Kissarvik Co-op, its membership and the community in general very well during that time, and they want to continue to build upon that success.

"It's time for us to say thank you to the restaurant, if you will, for doing such a good job, and now we're going to help you continue to do a good job for a very long time to come.

"This has been in the planning stages for awhile and it's been well planned and put together."

The Turaarvik Inns North hotel will be closed for about another week as extensive restorations take place to its kitchen, restaurant and 21 hotel rooms in Rankin Inlet.

The hotel is also refurbishing 21 or its 22 guest rooms.

Woodford said about 14 rooms have been completed, in terms of the construction phase, and the hotel is waiting for the arrival of all new furniture for its rooms.

He said there is also being a complete overhaul of the fixtures in the washrooms of each room.

"In each room, the night stands, beds, televisions – everything will be brand new.

"We've taken one room out of guest services to be used as storage space for the restaurant, as well as a walk-in cooler and freezer."

Woodford said he expects the renovations will also boost staff morale.

He said employees will be able to take even more pride in their work environment when the overhaul is complete.

"It's like buying a new car for the family – Mom, Dad and all the kids are excited.

"It's the same idea.

"We have, basically, a new hotel and restaurant, so look what we're doing now to better serve our membership.

"Everyone will be happy with the upgrades."