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West Kitikmeot Gold Corporation takes over as proponent of Grays Bay Road and Port

The Nov. 22 signing means that the responsibilities and federal funds has been transfered to the WKG
From left, West Kitikmeot Gold Corporation CEO Brendan Bell, Kitikmeot Inuit Association board member Randy Hinanik, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Northern Affairs and National Defence Yvonne Jones, Nunavut Senator Dennis Patterson and Stephanie Hebert, assistant deputy minister of programs for Transport Canada. Photo courtesy of West Kitikmeot Gold Corporation

The West Kitikmeot Gold Corporation (WKG) announced on Nov. 22 its intention to act as a proponent for the Grays Bay Road and Port Project after signing an agreement with the landowner and shareholder, the Kitikmeot Inuit Association (KIA).

The KIA has been a proponent of the project since 2018, but also entered into a contribution agreement with Canada’s National Trade Corridors Fund for $21.6 million in 2019 to move the road and port project into phase one, or “shovel ready status.”

The Nov. 22 signing of a novation and assignment agreement among the three parties means that the proponent responsibilities and the $21.6 million in federal funds has been transferred to the WKG.

WKG describes Grays Bay as a “multi-use, multi-purpose asset that will further assist Inuit and Canadian sovereignty over the Northwest Passage. It is a vital infrastructure corridor between southern Canada and the Kitikmeot. [The road and port project] will be key to unlocking the critical minerals wealth of Kitikmeot, and will be a driver of new opportunities for Kitikmeot beneficiaries.”