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In my view: Accountable and transparent

As we begin to step into the 21st century we can do so with lessons learned from the past. Some of these lessons were difficult because of assumptions, lack of research, or simply passing the buck.

I really like to entertain the thought that as individuals the lessons learned above are not our fault. How or where do we begin? For us to look forward we need to look back and try to avoid some of the things that caused us hardships, even that is difficult.

I read somewhere, maybe on social media, that when explorers arrived on the shores of our great land that reports were carried back to their homeland that they discovered a different people, a primitive people and that they should be controlled. Because of the attitude and assumption of ignorance they were looked at as less than human. The colour of skin, the lack of "normal" attire and the language spoken made them inferior to the newcomers and so began the dominance of superior beings over these lesser beings.

For the life of me I cannot understand why some think they are above those who have not. When you stop and think about this for a second it is "pride".

I've lived in my community for 59 years and I have witnessed both good and not so good in all these years.

The government in their wisdom always seem to find ways of generating revenues and working capital so they solicit tobacco and alcohol and most recently they legalized cannabis but without proper explanation in the risks of these substances when used in a prolonged manner. These are addictive and cause various illnesses and death. These also have been known and recorded as major situations in relationship break-down and separation.

I've heard young people express that we go hungry or we can't buy clothing of choice because our parents are saving the money for substance.

The government in their wisdom have legalized these substances but have failed to put in place recovery or detoxification/treatment centres. In some situations, people are sent far away and have to leave family and friends but when they return there is no follow-up or aftercare.

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg of some lessons from the past. I have said it many times but worth repeating, our agencies and care givers have fallen into the numbing effect of reaction rather than pro-action allowing our people to continue to suffer through their addictions.

This has a ripple effect on members and extended members of the families and those who really care are calling on deaf ears for assistance and direction.

For legislation or a bill to pass, it has to be politically correct first, never mind the suffering, never mind the separation, never mind the untimely deaths, never mind the suicides.
This is why I mentioned the tip of the iceberg.