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IN MY VIEW: Today’s successes

There are many factors in where we are today. Many were fortunate enough to graduate from Grade 12 and have meaningful employment. Some of our people are registered nurses, others are in management. The list goes on.

In order for me to have blasted apart over-sized muck (rock) while at the Lupin gold mine, I had to take some intense training in the procedures of blasting.

Nunavut News columnist Harry Maksagak

Communication was a big factor. I had to inform those at the next level above me as well as below me and those on my same level. If I were blasting close to the shaft then I would inform the hoist-man so he wouldn’t be having the cage and skip in my area of blasting. Informing everyone concerned reduced injury or danger to the workers in the immediate area.

We are a busy people and our engagements prove our ability to communicate properly. It’s amazing how the language used for anger management or support groups or administration is precise and moves people and organizations forward. Unless we have an understanding of the material or programs we are working in, then it would be difficult to have those affected understand as well.

If we are a well and balanced individual then working with others will be meaningful and fruitful. Everyone concerned will recognize a pattern and path leading forward, and positive growth shows in our successes.

It’s okay to stop for a minute and reflect on who we are, where we came from and where we want to go in our lives. By being aware, we can help ourselves and more importantly, others.