Covid-19 vaccinations for Iqaluit residents age 18 or older will start on March 10, Health Minister Lorne Kusugak said in the legislative assembly on Friday.

“This vaccine is safe. It has been tested. It cannot give you Covid-19. It is the best protection we have in Nunavut to prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death,” Kusugak said.

Health Minister Lorne Kusugak announced in the legislative assembly on Friday that those in Iqaluit age 18 or older can start receiving the Covid-19 vaccine on March 10.
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“This vaccine is a way to get things back to normal. It will allow us to gather, have fishing derbies, do community feast, square dances and to visit our elders more safely.”

Iqaluit Public Health is requesting that people wait to call for their appointments until March 10 to ensure the current priority group – 45 or older – can complete their round of vaccinations.

Iqalummiut can make an appointment by calling 867-975-4810.

Kusugak also thanked the staff at the Department of Health, the Government of Nunavut and hamlet workers, saying they “have helped ensure our vaccine campaign moves quickly, efficiently, and safely.”

“This has been a whole of government response we call can be proud of.”

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