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Back to full speed for Naujaat cadets

It’s been a busy month for the rejuvenated 3055 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC) in Naujaat.

The cadets took part in a corps sleepover, went on parade for the annual Remembrance Day ceremony in the community, and held a special evening of community-service planning along with some tasty ice cream.

Members of the 3055 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, the RCMP and the Canadian Rangers all took part in the Remembrance Day ceremony in Naujaat on Nov. 11. Photo courtesy of Brittany Holm

The corps sleepover is always eagerly anticipated by the cadets in the 3055 RCACC and this time was no exception, said civilian instructor Brittany Holm.

She said the cadets had a “riot” spending the evening together at Tuugaalik High School.

“The kids had planned the sleepover all by themselves for the past couple of weeks: deciding on a menu of tacos, pizza and caribou for the evening, which were all prepared at the school for them,” said Holm.

“A projector was set-up in the school for us, so we were able to watch movies on a big screen. We played some sports, the kids did face masks and everyone slept in the gym.

“The local Co-op hotel (Inns North) manager catered breakfast for us and the kids were all thrilled because, to them, it smelled like Whitehorse (home to the annual cadet biathalon challenge) when he brought it in.”

Members of the 3055 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, from left, Sheena Wiebe, Clifford Kringuk, Roxie Benoit, Jacqueline Krindular and Andrea Uttak enjoy some tasty breakfast following their sleepover on Oct. 25 in Naujaat. Photo courtesy of Brittany Holm

Remembrance Day is one of the biggest events of the year for the Naujaat cadets.

Holm said the service brings a large portion of the community together to watch the cadets on parade, as well as to pay their respects to all who serve and have served before them.

“We had 32 cadets on parade this year and everything went smoothly,” she said.

“We almost had one girl faint, but we were able to get her off the parade in time.”

Cadets have to undertake a bit of community service each year they’re in the program.

The Naujaat corps got together on Nov. 13, to discuss their plans for community service and decided they wanted to focus on helping the elders in the community.