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Calm Air flight lands with one engine in Rankin Inlet

A Calm Air Flight had to make an emergency landing with just one of its two engines working in Rankin Inlet on July 21.

The incident was recorded by Simon Kolit, who shared his video with Kivalliq News. The footage shows the turbo-prop plane approaching with just one propelling spinning before landing without issue. Another video that Kolit posted shows emergency crews waiting for the aircraft to land on the tarmac.


Calm air Emergency landing one propeller not going

Posted by Simon Kolit on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Transport Canada confirmed the emergency landing of a Calm Air plane on July 21 in an email to Kivalliq News.

“The department is following up with Calm Air to verify compliance with aviation safety regulations and to provide a report through the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS),” the email reads. “The purpose of this system is to capture initial information on occurrences involving aircraft and events which happen in Canadian airspace and at Canadian airports.”

Calm Air did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The airport’s manager also declined to comment.