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COLUMN: Dawn of a new day for Nunavut politics?

Well, I certainly didn't have a non confidence motion in mind when I called for a Kivalliq premier in Nunavut (Time for Kivalliq led and Kivalliq first, Nov. 14, 2017, Kivalliq News), but as they say, here we are.

I pointed out in that article that the Kivalliq voice, once strong and united, had become soft and divided by too many of our elected officials trying to 'play the game' once they arrived in Iqaluit.

And, although Arviat South MLA Joe Savikataaq came out on top over my two picks in that article of Lorne Kusugak or Cathy Towtongie, I have the utmost faith Mr. Savikataaq will do a fine job as premier of our territory.

Whether he will put our region first for a change and let us catch up a bit on the zillion-mile lead that Baffin has in terms of infrastructure and opportunity remains to be seen.

I have no doubt Arviat North/Whale Cove MLA John Main was not exaggerating when he said he was still in a bit of shock following the events in Iqaluit this past week.

Nor do I doubt his description of the non-confidence motion being a time of great stress and emotion for everyone involved.

Other than former premier Paul Quassa, Main took the biggest hits from public forums as the drama unfolded in Iqaluit, with many people seeming to think the non-confidence motion was mainly his doing because it was his duty, as chair of the regular member's caucus, to give notice of its coming and then to actually table the motion this past Thursday.

These are totally unfair assumptions and a number of comments have been way, way out of line.

Main's role in this – other than to participate in caucus discussions with other members and vote on the issue himself – was strictly procedural. It's how our government operates and, as would be expected in an action such as this, every I was dotted and every T was crossed in the procedure involved in bringing the non-confidence motion forward.

Reading the comments section on various social media sights is not for the faint of heart and it can be even worse with a post itself on sites that are still irresponsible enough to allow anonymous posts.

If you're going to take shots at someone or disagree with their actions, at least be big enough to put your name to it, especially when you're adding insults to your objections.

But I digress.

There were some notable patterns, however, when one took the time to read the vast majority of the comments.

It was interesting to me how many older Nunavummiut took issue with Mr. Quassa being ousted by the non-confidence motion, voicing frustration, anger and disappointment at its success, while a large number of younger voters viewed it as the possible dawn of a new day in Nunavut politics.

Also, curious to me, was some of the apprehension expressed over a Kivalliq member finally sitting in the big chair. I guess strong ties to the capital are viewed as mandatory prerequisites to being our premier to those folks.

That's the path that will keep the notion of Iqaluit simply becoming Evil Empire East and taking over from Yellowknife, the Evil Empire West, when Nunavut was founded.

Anyway you look at it, we have exciting and interesting times ahead.

Good luck to Mr. Savikataaq in helping to right the ship and getting Nunavut sailing in the right direction again.

And, hopefully, he'll remember a good percentage of the wind filling the government's sails comes from the Kivalliq.