Elders in Chesterfield Inlet received a fun-filled Easter pack as a happy reminder that they are in the thoughts of plenty of Canadians at just about any time, but especially during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe.

Lillian Autut accepts an elder Easter treat package on behalf of Louis Autut in Chesterfield Inlet earlier this month.
photo courtesy of Ana Leishman

Community volunteer Ana Leishman helped oversee the distribution of the elder Easter packs. She said this was the third year for the Easter treats in the community.

She said she got started with the project when she was put in touch with the Facebook-based group Northern Canada Mini Projects, liked what she heard about the initiative, and found the group to be well-intentioned and super organized.

“The group’s project organizer initially approached another staff member at the school who wasn’t really prepared to get involved at that time, so she passed it along to me,” said Leishman.

“I then contacted the project organizer, who is amazing, and we’ve been working together on various projects ever since.

“With the elder’s Easter project, we try to focus on things compatible with that time of year, such as things that would come in handy while being out fishing, or just spending more time outside with family and enjoying the spring weather.

“The Easter packages all contain similar things such as tea, jams, crackers, cookies and other little goodies, but then they may also have something specific to that elder – things they like to enjoy such as any hobbies they might have – because we provide as much information on the individual elders as we can and then work with the group to try and have the packages personalized to the elders as much as possible.”

Leishman said the Easter packages are nice things to give the elders and, in some ways, their arrival at the door is a pleasant surprise with pleasant thoughts to go along with it.

“The packages are also really appreciated and welcomed by the elders.

“And, obviously, this year has been very different and, I think, having something that shows our elders people are thinking about them who hope they are well, and who take the time to show that by sending a little something makes a nice thoughtful impact on them.

“Everyone likes to feel thought of and I think that’s the one thing we strive to do in our community, is to let people know that we might not see you every day but we do think about you.

“It’s a nice way to recognize they’ve had a long life and done a lot of amazing things, so here’s a little something to treat themselves for all they’ve accomplished.”

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