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Emphasis on life

A poster contest attracted more than 150 student entrants during Embrace Life Day activities in Rankin Inlet on Sept. 8.

Grade 6 Embrace Life poster contest winners from Simon Alaittuq School in Rankin Inlet are, from left, Nolan Sammurtok, Robert Samgushask, Lexi Angotealuk, Savannah Kaludjak and Shanelle Sandy. photo courtesy of Sam Tutanuak

The day's events were financially supported by Nunavut's Embrace Life Council and organized and co-ordinated in Rankin by the Pulaarvik Kablu Friendship Centre.

In addition to the poster contest, the day included a giant hand-holding circle by Rankin students, the Embrace Life Day walk for awareness and a giant community barbecue at the hamlet ball-field.

Addictions worker Ingride Lowe said a poster contest was held for the students of each of Rankin's three schools: Leo Ussak Elementary (LUS), Simon Alaittuq School (SAS) and Maani Ulujuk Ilinniarvik (MUI), with a number of winners selected at each.

“The students were invited to express, through a drawing or a painting, what they enjoy in life and what embracing life means to them,” said Lowe.

“ I was really happy with how many great posters were entered into the contest and the kids did a really great job in expressing, through their drawings, what embracing life is all about to them.

“We had five winners at MUI, 12 at SAS (with two prizes per class awarded) and one prize for the small group of students who participated at LUS.”

Lowe said the contest was a way to remind students and everyone else who saw their posters how precious life is.

She said it also helped remind people that everyone, as a community, is there to support each other.

“Even though we're not brothers and sisters by blood, we are through being a community,” she said.

“We have to care for one another at school, at home, at work, in our neighbourhoods and throughout our community.

“The kids seemed genuinely happy to have the chance to talk about the fact that when times are difficult in life, we can all get through them by being there to support each other.”