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Honour and exercise

The month of August was a busy, constructive and sentimental one for members of the Canadian Rangers Naujaat Patrol Group.

photo courtesy of Canadian Rangers
Members of the Canadian Rangers Naujaat Patrol Group taking part in intensive training are, back from left, Lloyd Francis, Laurent Kringayark, Marcel Mapsalak, Simeonie Kringayark, Philip Angotautok, David Nuluk, John Kadjuk, Robert Kopak, Johnny Nanordluk and Jackie Milortok, and, front from left, Naujaat patrol leader Sgt. Oscar Kringayark, Larry Tagornak, Richard Angotialuk, Master Cpl. (2-IC) Peter Mannik, Romeo Wiebe, Danny Sanertanut, Philip Kringayark, Louis Angotingoar, Henry Crawford, Adam Milortok, Jimmy Immingnark and instructor Sgt. Frank Monaghan on the land near Naujaat earlier this month.

Twenty-one rangers took to the land with trainer Sgt. Frank Monaghan of Yellowknife on a week-long patrol from Aug. 9-16.

They were joined on the exercise by French sociologist Magli Vullierme and National Geographic photographer Louie Palu. Vullierme was along to work on the relationship between the military and indigenous people in the Arctic.

Naujaat patrol leader Sgt. Oscar Kringayark said Monaghan is an “awesome” instructor and a great guy. He said one segment of the training they received was conducting a mock search-and-rescue exercise.

“We trained to improve our communication abilities and search by boat in a scenario of a couple of guys who had an accident while out on the land,” said Kringayark.

“After locating them we had to administer first aid and arrange to have them safely transported.”

The Naujaat patrol also held a special parade on Aug. 17 to honour a late, long-time member of the rangers, David Tuktudjuk.

A medal and certificate were presented to his widow, Mary Tuktudjuk, to commemorate David's long and distinguished career.

“A lot of local people came in for the parade and presentation ceremony,” said Kringayark.

“It was a well-deserved honour for David, who was a longtime ranger and highly-respected elder within our group and the local community.”

Kringayark said certificates were presented to all the rangers who completed the beneficial training exercise.

“I found the exercise to be phenomenal,” he said “and it really improved the overall skill level of our patrol.”

“During the exercise, one of our ranger elders, David Nuluk, taught how to make rope out of a bearded seal. It was pretty awesome to watch and a lot of the young guys were really tuned into that.”