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Improving their skills

More than 20 Naujaat cadets completed training courses at summer camps in Whitehorse, Yukon, and Cold Lake, Alta., this past summer.

Cadet Cpl. Bridgette Malliki shows new cadet Mary-Chantel Nanordluk how to fire her air rifle properly in Naujaat earlier this month after taking her marksmanship course at cadet training camp in Whitehorse, Yukon, this past summer. photo courtesy of Lloyd Francis

The courses ran from general training to basic expedition, marksmanship, fitness and sports.

Tigumiaq Haqpi, 14, took his basic expedition training in Whitehorse.

Haqpi said he thoroughly enjoyed the training, especially the activities involved during an actual five-day expedition.

He said he'd love to return to summer camp in 2018 to try and complete the six week expedition-instructor course.

“We spent days training on each of hiking, canoeing and biking, and it was all a lot of fun,” said Haqpi.

“I did find it challenging, though, so I know I'm more skilled now than when I first started.

“I'd like to, one day, become a trainer and help others getter better at taking part in expeditions.”

Bridgette Malliki, 14, took her basic marksmanship training in Whitehorse.

Malliki said she's not really that good of a shot, but she's working on getting better.

She said she's a better shooter now than she was before the three-week course in Whitehorse.

“We did a lot of shooting there and they taught us stuff like shooting techniques, safety procedures, how to properly adjust your rifle sites, control your breathing and all that kind of stuff,” said Malliki.

“We also trained a bit for a summer biathlon, which was, like, a lot of running and shooting.

“The training was fun, but my favourite part of the camp was our free time when we got to meet new people and make new friends – there were lots of cadets there from all-across Canada.”

Darryl Angotingoar, 14, took his fitness-and-sports training at Cold Lake.

Angotingoar said he was the only Inuk taking the training at Cold Lake.

He said his three-week course was fun and challenging and he enjoyed making new friends from other parts of Canada.

“They kept us moving pretty good,” said Angotingoar.

“We focused mainly on soccer and basketball, and my favourite of the two was soccer.

“I really enjoyed doing all the training because I'm into physical training, and I enjoyed learning all the rules and different ways to play soccer and basketball.”

Second-year cadets Mark Kringuk, 12, and James Alarak, 13, took their two-week course on general training in Whitehorse.

Kringuk said he liked the whole course, but qajaqing was, definitely, his favourite activity.

He said it was a lot of fun learning how to qajaq properly.

“We did a lot of drill at the camp, and I don't mind doing drill,” said Kringuk.

“The instructors were really good and I liked how they talked about good sportsmanship a lot.

For Alarak the best part of the camp was when it was time for marksmanship.

He said he's already a decent shot and is looking forward to getting even better.

“I want to be good enough to, maybe, make one of the cadet shooting competition teams one day,” said Alarak.

“One thing I didn't know how to do before camp was properly make my bed with hospital corners and all that, but I do now.

Naujaat's 3055 RCACC has welcomed 12 new cadets into the fold this year since training started. The corps sends about 25 cadets to the summer training camps each year.

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