The Kivalliq Inuit Association (KIA) announced the launch of the second phase of its Covid-19 initiatives for its members on Dec. 8, which will be a $1,500 gift card for every Inuit household in the Kivalliq.

Kivalliq Inuit Association (KIA) president Kono Tattuinee approved the launch of the second phase of the KIA’s Covid-19 initiatives for its members on Dec. 8.
photo courtesy Arctic Co-operatives

The announcement included an explanation of how the second phase will work, with it being “suggested by the Covid-19 Planning Committee that the ICS Funding (Indigenous Community Support Fund) would be rolled out with a partnership with the Arctic Co-operatives Limited to provide $1,500 gift cards to every Inuit household in the Kivalliq region. This has been presented and approved by the KIA Board of Directors.”

The announcement explained that every Inuit household in the Kivalliq region will be eligible to receive this funding, to be used for anything that the local Arctic Co-op store has to offer, with the exception of tobacco and bingo products.

This will allow residents of each household to buy food and assist with the expenses of going on the land, and where those communities that have their petroleum products contracted by the ACL, the gift certificates can be used for household fuel and gasoline purchases.

The Arctic Co-operative Limited gift cards are geared toward assisting Kivalliq Inuit with the Covid-19 pandemic and will not be used toward any payment to the store accounts in which the households may have with their respective Co-op store.

KIA president Kono Tattuinee did not respond to the Kivalliq News request to be interviewed on the second phase.


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