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Nominations open for Arctic Inspiration Prize

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2020 Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP). This year, up to 10 teams can win prize money to help launch initiatives that will bring about the changes they want to see in their communities.

Victor Sammurtok School teacher Glen Brocklebank took $140,000 back to Chesterfield Inlet for his qajaq program after being called to the winner's podium at the 2018 Arctic Inspiration Prize award ceremonies. Brocklebank is now a trustee representing Laureates on the Arctic Inspiration Prize Charitable Trust.
photo courtesy Ana Leishman

Trustee representing Laureates on the Arctic Inspiration Prize Charitable Trust Glen Brocklebank of Chesterfield Inlet said in a press release that after consulting with many AIP partners, laureates and supporters from across the North, the decision was made to go ahead with the call for nominations this year.

“With the impact of Covid-19, communities across the North are facing new and unprecedented challenges,” said Brocklebank.

“Our network overwhelmingly told us the AIP is more important than ever in helping Northern teams address these challenges.

“We look forward to supporting more exciting new initiatives for the North this year.”

Teams can be nominated in one of three categories: one exceptional team can win $1 million, up to four teams can win up to $500,000 each, and up to seven youth teams can win up to $100,000 each.

The Youth prize category seeks to inspire the next generations of Arctic innovators to develop projects that address issues and opportunities relevant to them.

Nominations will be accepted until October 14.

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