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Party time in Rankin

Children of all ages were treated to a great time during the annual Pakallak Tyme festivities in Rankin Inlet this past week.

Hamlet recreation co-ordinator David Clark said the hamlet had record turnouts for many of the events held during the eight-day event (April 29 to May 6).

Owen Connelly-Clark, left, breaks up the ice with Preston Kaludjak in hot persuit during a Pakallak Tyme shinny-style pond-hockey game in Rankin Inlet on May 1, 2018. Darrell Greer/NNSL photo

He said even the elder's breakfast filled the community hall at this year's event.

The square-dance competition is always a big event during Pakallak Tyme and the (community) hall is packed every night that runs,” said Clark.

Having the exchange kids here from Mimico, Ont., made this year's festival a special one for a lot of people in town.

I'm tired after having both of them run during the same week, but, at the same time, it was a lot of fun.

We had one of the exchange kids staying at our place and he didn't want to go home, and, I noticed, a lot of those kids were really, really enjoying the freedom up here.”

Clark he's not aware of any complaints concerning this year's Pakallak Tyme.

He said you do what you can to make it a fun-filled event and then hope the community feels the same way about it.

It's nearly impossible to make everyone happy, but, you try to do your best and, hopefully, most of the people will have a good time and appreciate your efforts.

From the comments I received, and the number of people out to so many events, I'd have to say this year's event went fairly well.”

Summer student worker Tagalik Eccles is in her second summer working for the hamlet's rec department as assistant rec co-ordinator.

Now studying to be a lawyer in Iqaluit, she missed Pakallak Tyme during her first summer as assistant rec co-ordinator.

Eccles said she thought Pakallak Tyme went really well.

She echoed Clark's comments on the number of people who came out to many of the events, noting the more participation the more fun each of the events seems to be.

This is my first Pakallak Tyme as assistant rec co-ordinator and seeing the community get together like this has made it the most fun I've had in this position,” said Eccles.

The program I was in this past year didn't finish until the end of May, but the program I'm in now allowed me to be here in time.

Doing the kids' games was the most fun for me and made all the work worthwhile.

The toughest part was just working the long hours, but it was worth it. It only comes once year and the community really seemed to enjoy it this year.”