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Plans unveiled for Sakku School renovation and expansion in Coral Harbour

Staff members from Government of Nunavut's (GN) Department of Education and the Department of Community Government Services visited Sakku School in Coral Harbour to discuss the expansion and renovation of the school this past month.

The two GN departments gathered feedback on Sakku School’s proposed new floor plan and phasing-in schedule, according to a news release from Troy Rhoades, acting manager of communications for the Department of Education.

Photo courtesy DEpartment of Education
Sakku School vice-principal Nellie Ell and Accutech Engineering Inc. president Brent Wall, right, explain the future floor plans of the Sakku School expansion and renovation in Coral Harbour on Oct. 6, 2020.

Rhoades wrote that the phasing-in schedule identifies that the new gymnasium will be built first, then the old gymnasium will be renovated.

He wrote this will ensure that students, staff, and the community will always have access to a gymnasium during the renovations.

“The old gymnasium space is expected to be converted into a new trades and home studies area, which will include a wood shop and bigger kitchen for lessons and community use,” stated Rhoades. “There will also be three stations for cooking, plus one demonstration station at the front of the room.”

Rhoades wrote that the new gymnasium will have a higher ceiling, and a separate entrance for the public, so they will not need to go through the school to use the gym.

He added, that, similarly, high school students will have a different entrance to the school than that of elementary and middle school students.

“Some upgrades during the renovation include acoustic insulation, which prevents sound from travelling between classrooms. There will be internet through the school and interactive projectors in every classroom.

“The library will be moved to the central area of the school, so it is more easily accessible to every class.

“A daycare will be added to the school and will have its own separate entrance, in-floor heating to make it comfortable for toddlers to crawl around, a sleeping area, a washer and a dryer.

“Other improvements to the school include a weight room, the replacement of exterior wooden siding with metal siding, and the use of special moisture absorbing clay and air circulation to make the crawl space resistant to moisture of any kind.”

The tender to build the expansion, and work on the renovation is planned to start in 2021.