A bantam hockey player from Rankin Inlet had a trip she won’t forget earlier this year.

Mia Autut of Rankin Inlet was among a select few hockey players to attend the 2020 Global Girls Game in Signal Hill, Nfld., this past February.
Photo courtesy Mia Autut

Mia Autut, 14, was selected to participate in the Global Girls Game in Signal Hill, Nfld., Feb. 7 to 10.

Autut, the only player from Nunavut at the event, said she really enjoyed the experience.

She said there were a number of instructors for the different topics covered at the event and it was neat to meet so many female players and coaches from around the country.

I was nominated for this by my coach, David Clark, but I have no idea how or why I was selected,” said Autut.

We learned about endurance while there, as well as what it takes to be a fit hockey player, and how to work effectively as a team with other people.

We had all female instructors and they were all good at what they taught.”

Autut said the mini camp also featured one hockey game where the camp’s 20 participants were divided into two squads, red and white, to face off against each other.

She said the game was a lot of fun but the overall talent really wasn’t what she expected.

I felt comfortable out on the ice and fit in pretty easily.

It really wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be.

They were pretty good but I thought the talent level would be much higher, probably because I’m so used to playing with the boys here in Rankin Inlet.”

Autut said the biggest thing she took away from the mini camp was learning how to workout properly in a small space.

She said that means working out effectively with absolutely no equipment of any kind.

It was pretty cool to learn how to do that, and I would strongly recommend this experience to any female player in Nunavut.

If they get the chance they should take it because it’s a really good experience.

They showed me how far you can go in hockey and how much fun you can have getting there.

And it’s so much fun to meet a lot of different people from a lot of different places and learn about their culture.”

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