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Summer day camp a hit in Chesterfield Inlet

The summer day camp held at Victor Sammurtok School in Chesterfield Inlet went over well with both kids and parents alike.

The day camp was aimed at children six years of age to 12, and attracted close to 15 kids per day on average throughout the summer months.

Taking part in the summer day camp at Victor Sammurtok School are, back row from left, Amber Aggark (student leader), Hector Mullins, Joanne Putulik (student leader), Qajaq Ittinuar, Joye Tautu, Ricky Aggark and Delilah Issaluk (leader), and front row from left, Pasha Mullins, Ciera Sammurtok, Marcus Sammurtok and Chael Sammurtok-Amorak in Chesterfield Inlet the past two months. photo courtesy Glen Brocklebank

Delilah Issaluk, 20, oversaw the summer camp with student assistants Joanne Putulik and Amber Aggark.

Issaluk said the camp was organized and co-ordinated by Chester's Wellness Committee.

She said the committee saw the day camp as being beneficial to the kids, who would spend their days involved with numerous games and activities at the camp.

"The committee members felt that would be much better for the kids rather than being stuck inside doing next to nothing all summer, except, maybe, playing video games all day," said Issaluk.

"Board games were the most popular of all the activities we did.

"The kids also really liked to play Hide and Clap (from the movie, The Conjuring), and asked us if they could do that almost every day."

Issaluk said the parents were happy to have a day camp in Chester all summer.

She said the parents enjoyed both the babysitting aspect of the camp, as well as the fact the kids were kept busy with worthwhile and fun activities.

"The kids really enjoyed coming to summer day camp every day.

"They were really sad when it ended this past Thursday.

"I'm sure the fact they were going back to school was part of the reason, but, mostly, I think they just had a lot of fun at camp and were going to miss all the games and activities.

"The camp was up and running for about two months and they got used to coming every day."

Issaluk said she'd like to see the day camp being held every summer in Chesterfield Inlet.

She said, in her opinion, the kids really benefitted from going to the camp and it gave their parents a bit of a break too, while knowing the kids were being well-cared for.

"It creates a couple of jobs, at least for a couple of months, and everybody involved enjoys it.

"The kids were, of course, also familiar with the school and that helped make them all comfortable with their surroundings.

"It was just a very positive program for everyone."