NEAS reliably delivers vital summer sealift and essential community resupply services for local Nunavut individuals, families, businesses, departments and agencies of governments and more.

Season after season, NEAS is thankful to work and plan with the dedicated officials in the Government of Nunavut’s (GN) Department of Community and Government Services. They provide essential logistical support and coordination of sealift for the Government of Nunavut and its agencies, and local individuals and businesses benefit, too.

Sealift remains the most economical way to transport goods to the arctic. NEAS summer sealift is a vital link for all Nunavut communities and their residents to obtain their annual resupply of goods and materials needed throughout the year.

NEAS summer sealift transports needed goods and materials to GN offices and agencies, and delivers the vital marine dry cargo supplies required to sustain and improve the quality of life for customers in all local communities.

The Iqaluit International Airport is one of many examples of infrastructure projects where all building materials were transported by NEAS in Nunavut.

From housing, retailers to major infrastructure projects, and just about everything else in between, NEAS works shoulder to shoulder with GN officials and other key agencies and community stakeholders to make sealift happen.

Local NEAS representatives, Jimmy Akavak and Billy Kovic, on sealift watch at the Iqaluit Beach Office, NU.

Working in extreme weather conditions and limited marine infrastructures is nothing new for NEAS. “Working hard and working together is part of the northern way,” said Jimmy Akavak, NEAS local representative. “Season after season, that is what we do to reliably deliver for our customers.”

No matter if it’s for a mining operation, defense supplier, large construction project, or a specialized user, NEAS can help implement the plan from load to discharge, and at every step in between. NEAS project management and operations staff help the clients to succeed no matter the challenge, service or navigation.

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