The clock is ticking on the NEAS 2023 Summer Sealift underway. The first NEAS sailings and cut-off dates are posted at Reserve your NEAS sealift and request NEAS packaging now.

NEAS extends a warm summer sealift welcome to new housing construction projects this season. The NEAS team has the available capacity to service all housing construction projects across Canada’s Eastern and Western Arctic.

With modern Inuit-owned Canadian flag vessels, advanced Canadian-built lightering equipment, and dedicated teams of trained and certified professionals, you can count on NEAS world-leading arctic sealift, heavy-lift marine resupply and cargo positioning services.

From heavy construction materials, like concrete, steel or lumber, to specialized building modules and the heavy equipment needed for all new housing construction, you can count on NEAS for reliable arrive-on-time sailings and local cargo discharge.

“NEAS teamwork makes the dream work for housing,” says The NEAS Group president and chief executive Suzanne Paquin. “Amazing people with generations of local knowledge make up the NEAS teams that operate our next-generation fleet of modern vessels and innovative cargo handling.”

It is not only NEAS heavy lift capacity. NEAS crews have the light touch to load and discharge “handle with care” cargoes, like nutritious non-perishable foods and other vital inventory required to restock store shelves, warehouses, and family and local community sealift pantries.

NEAS MV QAMUTIK unloads specialized construction materials and containers in Iqaluit, Nunavut, using advanced lightering operations including heavy lift, tugs and barges, for safe, efficient and reliable cargo discharge to shore.

NEAS has a proven legacy of successfully delivering record numbers of completed housing projects, including all public housing in communities across Nunavik in Quebec’s Grand Nord over the last 20 years.

“You can depend on NEAS as a reliable link in your housing construction project’s supply chain,” says Marc-Andre Bougie, NEAS Vice President of Sales and Customer Service Excellence. “At NEAS, we help support the initiatives for developing affordable and sustainable housing for Nunavummiut.”

Sealift remains the most economical way to transport goods to the arctic, especially for housing construction projects.

All Eastern and Western Arctic communities can now benefit from NEAS capacity and innovative services.

The NEAS Cargo Service Center is ready with your packaging and freight marshalling solutions, in addition to 10ft and 20ft containers, heated warehousing, secure laydown yards, and the largest heavy lift capacity available for specialized cargoes of all types.

With enhanced electronic information, bar codes and cargo tracking, NEAS is ready to make this arctic sealift your best sealift experience ever.

“Stay safe this summer sealift season,” said NEAS Director of Marketing-Nunavut, Jimmy Akavak. “Don’t miss the ship. Reserve your NEAS Summer Sealift now.”

Call NEAS at 1-877-225-NEAS (6327) and plan your summer sealift success today, or click to reserve space, packaging, and containers, view schedules, arrange your cargo drop off, track ship arrivals, and more.

NEAS Summer Sealift helps improve housing supply and sustainability for this generation and the next.

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