A group of 23 foreign diplomats recently got a taste of life in Nunavut, as part of Global Affairs Canada’s 2023 Northern Tour.

The Northern Tour lasted from June 5-15, and visited all three territories and Quebec. It stopped in in Cambridge Bay, Resolute Bay, Pond Inlet and Iqaluit while it was in Nunavut.

Participants included ambassadors from Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Kenya, Haiti, El Salvador, and a number of European nations.

“The Northern Tour is a critical component of the Government of Canada’s advocacy efforts to educate the international community about the importance of Canada’s North, while advancing reconciliation and renewing Canada’s relationship with northern Indigenous Peoples and communities,” said GAC spokesperson Marilyne Guèvremont.

“It is an opportunity for participants to meet northerners to learn about Canada’s north, its people and the realities of their lives, including the full range of social and economic challenges.”

The stops in Nunavut featured on-site discussions with territorial ministers, senior government officials, Inuit leaders and business executives, on topics ranging from trade and investment opportunities to climate change.

“We continue to undertake meaningful engagement with Indigenous partners on their priorities, including Canada’s international advocacy and diplomacy; trade and investment; development, peace and security programming; and help for Canadians abroad,” said Guèvremont. “The lived experiences of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis are important to shaping our approach in how we do our work and how we support creating prosperity for Indigenous Peoples and communities.”

The 2023 Northern Tour departed from Ottawa, and first stopped in Yellowknife. It then flew on to Whitehorse before visiting Inuvik, Old Crow, Dawson City, and Ulukhaktok, in that order. It then made its four stops in Nunavut, and made a final stop in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik before returning to Ottawa.

The Northern Tour was first offered in 1972.

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