Aivilik MLA Patter Netser is critical of some territorial government policies on COVID-19 vaccinations, including not requiring parental consent for youths ages 12-18 to be inoculated.

“For parents, it seems we are losing our parental rights as it is hard to see the underlying reasons for that… this government seems to be advocating independence for youth who usually require parental consent for medical treatment. This is not visually pleasing and will be contentious,” Netser said in the legislative assembly on June 9.

He also cast doubt on safe the vaccine might be.

“Just last week I had questions about the people who have not yet received their second vaccinations and the minister indicated that they’re finding more and more about the vaccination and its effects. Are we just being used as lab rats?” Netser asked.

Health Minister Lorne Kusugak dismissed the notion.

“I can advise the member that when we get a vaccine there is no computer program that follows that vaccine. We are not being used as guinea pigs as Inuit,” he said. “There are how many millions of people who have received the vaccine around the world. Many people have had the vaccination and also request the vaccination.”

As for children getting vaccinated, Kusugak said the Department of Health is doing nothing wrong and will aim to inform the public about the process.

“We will be sending information packages out to the people. For example 12, 13, 14-year olds can get vaccinated, but we will have to make sure that they are fully informed,” he said. “Also, if parents are concerned about their children being vaccinated, they should have a discussion with their child, or they can say that we will accompany them to the centre.”

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  1. This is a big mystery, has he not watch the news. Millions of people have died from COVID-19. He should be so greatful Dr. Patterson has done a good job that he did not die from COVID – 19. To be a fearless leader is one thing but to be so ignorant and dangerous is another thing.

    Help him god! Please!

  2. must be election time soon, time to rile up the voter base?

    you know what you are saying good sir.

  3. I agree with the MLA we are not guinea pigs they has to be consent from parents for shots and so on not dictated

  4. The new cases sprouting up in Iqaluit are the people that didn’t get inoculated. Maybe they should be considered “lab rats” by the unvaccinated. Let’s see if their immune systems and their beliefs will protect them.
    Netser should give the youth more credit. They’re way more vocal, are more informed and care about their future. These kids will have to live with the decisions we make today.
    Besides people have been dying. We shouldn’t be losing more people needlessly. Don’t be a ‘lab rat’ and get yoyr 2 shots.

  5. Netser is not wrong! At least the newspaper printed it instead of deleted it like all my comments.

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