Due to cloudy water, also known as turbidity, it’s recommended that community members in Baker Lake boil their water for at least a full minute if it’s intended for consumption.

That would include water use such as drinking, preparing infant formulas, preparing juices and ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables, cooking and brushing teeth.

The Department of Health, which issued the advisory on Tuesday afternoon, stated that updates will be provided to the community when available.

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  1. All the calcium chloride from the roads, gasoline & diesel fuel spills & ATF leaks, mixed with a winters worth of dog team crap all get washed down hill & end up in your drinking water.
    Nice new water pump house sucking the same old s**t from the same spot…Wtf?
    Cleanest water in the world at the end of YBK runway.
    Too far to drive?

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